Dining and Nightlife

Known as ˜the gourmet capital of the Caribbean, Anguilla’s award winning dining scene offers a supreme selection of gastronomic diversions with more than 70 dining experiences ranging from elegant gourmet eateries to casually chic beachfront bistros and bars to festive roadside grills.

Whether the dining table is candlelit, accompanied by live music or canopied by a colourful beach umbrella, Anguilla’s sumptuous fayre is prepared by world-renowned chefs and award-winning locals. Choices range from Caribbean to French, Mediterranean to Continental, Creole to Italian, American to Indo-Chinese, from indulgent to inexpensive and given the abundance of fresh seafood, there are plenty of options for creative cookery.

The island also has excellent wine cellars in most top restaurants and resorts. There are also a number of local independent operators who can supply top quality wines and beverages. Guests must also sample the local “Pyatt Rum” a true delicacy. An enjoyable visit can also be made to the Rum tasting Room at Koal keel, where over 50 local island rums can be sampled. Take care to make full transport arrangements before this trip!

There is music and entertainment almost every night of the week somewhere on the island. Generally, Sandy Ground is the “hotspot” on Fridays and Saturdays, while Sundays and Wednesdays the crowds move to Shoal Bay East.

Notable names to look for include Sleepy and the All-stars; Dumpa, Sprocka, Bankie Banx & Dune People, Reggae Groovers, Happy Hits String Band, The Mussingtons, Keith Gumbs, Kingsley (on the keyboard) and High Tension.